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Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee Deposit

$150 one-time fee due at contract signing

Full-time Flat Rate Per Child (7am - 6pm)

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Part-time Flat Rate Per Child 

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Overtime Rate Per Child

$20 per hour or $10 per 20 minute interval

Potty Training Fee

Additional $5 fee per potty training week 

  • The flat fee structure is charged to hold your child's spot in The Little Farm Daycare.
  • All services are prepaid and due either Friday for the following week, or Monday for that week. 
  • State law allows up to 4 children at the daycare at a time, so part-time care is not available during the day at this time until the licensing is complete. I cannot extend care for your child if it causes me to go over capacity. 
  •  The overtime charge is payable at the time you pick up your child. The provider has the right to waive the overtime charges as deemed necessary. 
  • A $5 per week additional fee will go into effect while your child is being toilet trained in order to facilitate the training period. Toilet training periods will be discussed and approved by both the parents and the provider prior to training. This fee will be in effect from the first day your child no longer wears diapers until he/she can use the toilet unassisted for at least one full week. 
  • The full-time & part-time rates are flat rates, which means that rates are due in full regardless of absences or daycare closures.