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Program Overiew

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to provide a loving, happy, educational and secure environment. I strive to enrich each child with a love of learning, a positive self-image, and a sense of creativity. I also promote mutual respect between the parent, the child, and myself. 

At The Little Farm, children are allowed to learn and test boundaries. Their actions and behaviors do not always define who they are, and it is my job to help teach and guide them away from any undesirable behaviors.

Program Goals

1. To provide a nurturing atmosphere to promote a child's creativity and positive self image, and to create and maintain a socially and emotionally respectful early learning and care environment.

2. To cultivate positive relationships between the children, provider, and families by offering opportunities for families to get to know one another, to offer events to promote education to the parents on the opportunities I provide. 

3. To provide the children with many different educational activities and play centers to explore and participate in. I provide developmentally appropriate activities for the children to experience and enjoy. Also, coming in Summer 2019, chickens, gardening, and an exciting outdoor play area!

4. To provide positive methods of discipline to reinforce the strengths of the children and to help develop a respect for others. Children should be corrected with age-appropriate limits to help them gain a sense of independence and responsibility. 

5. To be available to parents for the purpose of daily communication - my door is always open to parents!


Preschool usually begins 2 years before the child is ready to enter Kindergarten. In Colorado, the only requirement for Kindergarten is that the child is 5 years old, meaning that children usually enter preschool at 3 or 4 - depending on when their birthday falls on the calendar, some parents may choose to delay the start of kindergarten til 6.

At The Little Farm Daycare, preschool the preschool curriculum is available to all enrolled children, but specifically followed by the 3-4 year olds. The goal of preschool is to master basic concepts and skills so that the transition to kindergarten is natural and easy. 


Basic Concepts and Skills:

*Colors *Shapes * Sizes *Opposites *Go-Togethers *Same and different

Writing Readiness

*Left to Right *Top to bottom *Slanted lines *Curved lines *Forward Circles *Forward Circles *Backward Circles *Top-to-bottom *Circles

Reading Readiness

*Letters and Letter Sounds *Beginning Sounds *Rhyming Pictures

Mathematics Readiness

*Numbers and Counting 1-10 *Next * First, Next, Last *Ordinal Numbers * One-to-One Correspondence *More and Fewer * Patterns

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