Food Program

At The Little Farm Daycare we feel that what we eat plays a big part in how we grow. In order to promote healthy eating, we provide all children in care with two snacks and one meal per day. We adhere to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Some of the benefits for your child from us participating in this program are:

  • Assurance that your child will be served nutritious foods following the USDA guidelines
  • Dedication to providing a high standard of child care in our home
  • A provider trained in nutrition, with continuing nutritional education requirements each year, so your child will always receive meals following the most up to date guidelines
  • Regular meal times to promote healthy appetites and the foundation for a life-long relationship with nutritional eating
  • A documented menu of what your child was offered on any given day so you can monitor what they are being served
  • Following CACFP means that you do not pack a lunch or snacks for your little one, saving you time and money!! The program is designed to be a win-win for both of us!

Food allergies and Dietary Restrictions:

We understand that sometimes children are unable to partake in regular meals, and that special accommodations may be needed. Your child's food allergy or dietary restriction will absolutely be respected, though the Colorado Department of Health & Environment requires a Child and Adult Care Food Program Special Diet Statement/Special Accommodation Form be completed by the child's doctor and kept in their file should any food allergies or dietary restrictions be present. 

Who provides the food?

The Little Farm Daycare provides and prepares the meals and snacks for all of the children. This means you do not have to spend any time or money on lunches or snacks for your sweet pea! Special events (like cupcakes for their birthday) are absolutely allowed, but the daycare will ensure that all meals and snacks adhere to the food program guidelines and are provided as well. Infants under 1 year should have formula or breast milk supplied by parents, though once the baby is starting on solids, parents will not be expected to provide any other foods. 

What does meal time look like?

In order to promote a healthy relationship with food, the children are expected to follow these rules: 

1. Everyone must sit at the table while the meal is served

2. We do not complain about the food served (as it could hurt the feelings of those who prepared it and of those who like the food)

3. We eat enough food to fuel the activities until the next meal 

In order to provide children with the right environment to promote healthy eating, I am expected to follow these rules: 

1. A regular routine is maintained for when meals are served

2. I will prepare and serve healthy and appealing foods according to CACFP

3. I will maintain a pleasant atmosphere during mealtime

Children will always be presented 3 opportunities to eat during their care, spaced an hour and a half apart. This is to promote a healthy appetite, to allow the children time to process the cues their body sends that tell them they are hungry, to instill independence in being able to choose what they eat from the healthy meal offered and how much they eat, and to learn natural consequences for their actions - those who will not eat from what is offered may be hungry until snack time, those who talk through the meal instead of eating may be hungry until snack time, etc.